Personal Injury Claims from a Gym Injury

As the New Year unfolds, gyms become bustling hubs of activity with people fervently pursuing their resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. However, amidst the enthusiasm,  the risk of gym injuries tends to surge, often due to a lack of experience or inadequate training. 

Below, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Lauenstein Law Firm explore the reasons why someone may consider pursuing a personal injury claim following an injury sustained in a gym, shedding light on both premises liability and product liability.

What Are Unsafe Conditions at the Gym?

The influx of new gym-goers at the start of the year can overwhelm facilities. While this is great for overall wellbeing it often leads to potentially hazardous conditions that can result in injuries. Under premises liability law, gym owners and staff have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their patrons because they are responsible for the upkeep of their premises and injuries that happen on them. 

Some common gym injuries where premises liability may come into play include:

  • Inadequate supervision and guidance for new members
  • Poorly maintained workout areas
  • Failure to address spills, leaks, or other potential slip and fall hazards
  • Insufficient warning signs for potentially dangerous areas

Any of these accidents or injuries stemming from unsafe conditions fall under premises liability, highlighting the legal obligation of the gym to provide a secure space for its members.

Can I Sue For Faulty Equipment in the Gym?

Another significant aspect to consider when evaluating gym injuries is the role of faulty equipment. Gyms are equipped with various machines, weights, and devices, and when these are defective or poorly maintained, serious injuries can occur. Whether it’s malfunctioning treadmills, ellipticals, or weight machines or defective weights or resistance bands, it is the responsibility of gym owners to adequately maintain their equipment to avoid equipment failure or faulty safety mechanisms (and ultimately a personal injury claim).

Not all fitness center accidents are caused by negligence on the part of the gym owner or defective equipment. Some other potential causes of injury include:

  • Personal trainers who push people far beyond their abilities and cause injury
  • Failure to keep first aid equipment on site and in good working order
  • Failure to ensure that pools have adequate supervision

If you’ve experienced an injury at the gym due to any of these reasons,, Lauenstein Law Firm is here to provide the legal support you need.

What Should I Do Following an Injury at the Gym?

Gym owners must take proactive measures to ensure a safe environment, providing proper guidance to new members and maintaining equipment diligently, but accidents still happen. 

When gym staff members are not adequately trained or fail to supervise gym-goers, the risk of injuries escalates. In such cases, individuals may explore legal avenues to hold the gym accountable for negligence in staff training and supervision. If you’ve suffered an injury at the gym due to premises liability or faulty equipment, seeking legal advice is the first step to being compensated for your pain and suffering

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