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For more than two decades we have been providing skilled legal services to clients in the State of Maryland. If you have visited our site because you need a lawyer please call our office or send an email for a free consultation. We strive to achieve excellent results through persistence and dedication. We give our clients personal attention and aggressive representation.

Our office is located in the Perry Hall area of Baltimore County, Maryland. We will make home and hospital visits to clients who are unable to come to our office for health reasons. The firm provides services in all of Maryland including but not limited to the following areas: Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Perry Hall, Nottingham, White Marsh, Parkville, Carney, Fullerton, Overlea, Rosedale, Essex, Chase, Dundalk, Middle River, Kingsville, Towson, Bel Air, Joppatowne, Edgewood and Ocean City.

Baltimore City and County Expand Their Traffic Enforcement Programs

December 3, 2018

From Baltimore City’s “Don’t Block the Box” legislation to Baltimore County’s newest traffic enforcement program, there are a variety of changes being made to traffic enforcement policies across Baltimore City…

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New Maryland Laws to Know About

November 19, 2018

On October 1st, 2018, dozens of new Maryland laws were put into effect. These new regulations cover a broad range of topics from law enforcement to public school systems to…

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What to Know About Accidents Involving Bicycles

November 6, 2018

Cycling is not only an excellent activity for recreation, but it is also useful for exercise and transportation. However, cycling on public roads is not always safe. As a cyclist,…

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Adult Adoption and Estate Planning

October 9, 2018

The process of adult adoption is often used as a method of formalizing an existing parent-child relationship or of providing financial protection for a stepchild, friend or same-sex partner, especially…

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Best Practices When You Are Pulled Over

August 23, 2018

According to both federal and Maryland state law, everyone is afforded specific rights when pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Additionally, there are best practices to consider if you…

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What Does Power of Attorney Cover?

August 17, 2018

A power of attorney (POA), is a legal document granting one individual the right to make financial, medical or business decisions on behalf of another individual. The signee of a…

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Probate Procedure in Maryland

August 6, 2018

Probate is a court-supervised process of gathering and distributing the assets and possessions of a deceased person to eligible creditors and inheritors. Here, the estate planning attorney Douglas C. Lauenstein…

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What You Need to Know Before Driving a Car in Maryland

July 23, 2018

Before legally driving a vehicle in Maryland, drivers must ensure they have met the requirements necessary to own and operate a vehicle. Here, the traffic law attorney Douglas C. Lauenstein…

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Why to Plan Early for Aging Parents

June 19, 2018

The Baby Boomer Generation is rapidly reaching retirement age, and the oldest Gen Xers are approximately a decade from leaving the workforce, meaning their children should be placing a serious…

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Creating a Revocable Trust

May 10, 2018

A revocable trust, also known as a living trust, provides flexibility and probate protection when estate planning. Here, Douglas C. Lauenstein, estate planning attorney, explains what you need to know…

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