Understanding Traffic Violation Points on Your Driver’s License

You may have heard of getting “points” on your license, but do you know what this actually means? Accumulating points on your license through traffic violations and automobile accidents can cause severe repercussions, and if you do not monitor them correctly, may result in you losing your license. Hiring a qualified attorney when points on your license are at stake is important, as they have the potential to decrease your penalty and help you keep your license. Here, Maryland automobile accident attorney Douglas C. Lauenstein provides insight into license points, and the benefits of hiring an attorney if you are at risk of losing your license. 

How Can You Accumulate Points on Your License? 

The first question you may be asking is, how do you get points on your license? Points can be placed onto your license for a variety of infractions, with the number of points increasing based on severity. For example, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in 12 points on your license, reckless or distracted driving may result in up to 6 points, and speeding may range anywhere from 1-5 points. The point systems are different across the country, but in Maryland, this is what you can expect if you receive a ticket from an officer or are arrested under the influence. Points on your license not only raise red flags for organizations such as the DMV, but your insurance as well. Depending on your car insurance, your premiums can be raised drastically as you accumulate points on your license, leading to financial hardship until you can get this issue resolved. If you continue to accumulate points on your license in the span of 1-3 years, you also run the risk of getting your license suspended. 

What Happens If I Get Too Many Points on My License? 

As stated above, accumulating too many points on your license may ultimately lead to a license suspension or revocation. It is important to note that according to the Maryland MVA, certain traffic violations out of state will still be considered on your Maryland record, including driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident in which an individual was injured, use of the motor vehicle during a felony and homicide or manslaughter with the vehicle. While these are large violations, be aware that Baltimore and the surrounding areas have increased traffic enforcement in recent years, leading to a higher likelihood of points for violations such as speeding, or running a stop sign or red light. In Maryland, if you have 5-7 points on your license, or have been ordered by the court, you may need to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program, a 4-8 hour course designed to provide driver rehabilitation. If you have previously accumulated points on your license, it is important that you remain insured, even if your premiums have gone up, as uninsured drivers may also lose their license and be fined if involved in an accident or altercation. 

Why Should I Hire an Attorney to Assist Me? 

Hiring an attorney for tickets or points on your license may not seem traditional, but this can be a huge benefit to you if you are at risk of losing your license. Primarily, attorneys such as Douglas C. Lauenstein has extensive legal knowledge, and as a local firm, are able to adequately represent you in your Baltimore County court case. Additionally, hiring an attorney provides you with extensive resources that you would otherwise not have access to, helping to potentially dismiss points or violations on your record. These reductions may mean the difference between you losing your license or having to pay an exorbitant fine. Lastly, if you are fighting violations due to an accident in which you were not completely at fault, you will have a legal team behind you to help you achieve the justice you deserve. 

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Traffic violations can be complex, and if not handled properly or in a timely manner, can result in legal repercussions. If you are currently at risk of receiving additional points on your license for traffic or accident violations, it is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced attorney, such as Douglas C. Lauenstein. Our mission is to represent you to the best of our abilities, guiding you through every step of the legal process. To learn how Lauenstein Law can assist you in your traffic violations or accident case, click here

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