What to Do if You are the Victim of a Drunk Driver

Accidents involving drunk drivers are often quite serious. Here, Douglas Lauenstein, explains how to handle being hit by a drunk driver.

Call 9-1-1 Immediately

Drunk driving accidents are often quite serious, as drivers under the influence of alcohol are more likely to drive at high speeds and take unnecessary risks. As with any accident, it is critical to call 9-1-1 as soon as you are safely able. The police will be able to write up an accident report, and the paramedics will provide aid to you and the other driver—if the other driver is under the influence, the police will also be able to arrest them and determine their BAC (blood alcohol concentration), which will be an important piece of information for your claim.

Do Not Refuse Medical Assistance

As mentioned, accidents involving drunk drivers are often very serious. Even if you do not look or feel injured, increased adrenaline levels can mask physical pain. When the paramedics arrive, ask them to examine you and if the paramedics recommend you go via ambulance to the hospital you should not refuse.

File a Claim with the Driver’s Insurance

An insurance company whose insured causes an accident while under the influence will find it extraordinarily difficult, from both a legal and business sense, to reject the claim. File a claim as soon as you are able—even with a claim as straightforward as one regarding a drunk driving accident, you will have to finish medical treatment before settling your claim. Be sure to record all applicable damages, and hold onto bills related to the accident.

Do Not Accept the Insurance Companies First Offer

Because of the obvious liability of the drunk driver’s insurance company, the insurance company is likely to settle quite quickly. Do not accept a fast offer.  Wait until you have finished medical treatment and you’ve fully recovered from your injuries, before entertaining any settlement offer.

Hire an Attorney from Douglas Lauenstein Law

A drunk driving accident may seem like a cut-and-dry case, but remember that the insurance company’s goal is to serve the interests of their company—and not yours. Attorney Douglas Lauenstein Law, has years of experience handling insurance claims, and he wants to help you seek justice as a victim of a drunk driver. Let us get started fighting for yours rights today—contact us here for more information on acquiring legal representation.