Winter Personal Injury Risks

Individuals are at greater risk for falling victim to personal injury as the result of accidents on the road during the winter. Douglas Lauenstein, at the Lauenstein Law Firm examines these risks, and provides suggestions for mitigating them during the winter season.

Historically, more personal injuries occur during the winter than any other season. As such, the beginning of winter is an opportune time for individuals to determine if they are at risk for personal injury because of winter driving conditions, and to subsequently determine what can be done to reduce those risks.

Road Conditions

Road conditions are directly affected by winter weather. Despite winterizing efforts by the state, ice and snow are bound to make roadways more hazardous, and thus more likely to cause accidents. In addition, daylight is more scarce in the winter, causing the possibility for reduced visibility due to darkness, heavy storm conditions, or both to increase dramatically.

Drivers who are not properly versed in winter driving techniques will pose additional risks on the road. Even drivers who are familiar with how to drive safely and carefully during the winter should plan to be extremely cautious on the roads and around other cars in an attempt to avoid accidents.


Motorists who are involved in car accidents caused or exacerbated by winter weather could still be found at fault if it determined that they have not taken the necessary precautionary measures while driving. Thus, it is vital that cars are winterized prior to the onslaught of poor winter driving conditions.

Cold temperatures can cause hypothermia, a dangerous and potentially lethal condition. Ensure that your car’s doors and windows are properly lined and sealed in order to prevent cold from seeping into the car if you are forced to stop your care due to poor road conditions.

Have your tires inspected to ensure that they have the proper tread to maintain friction with the road in slippery conditions. If you live in a region with a particularly cold climate, consider investing in snow tires.

Holiday Drinking

Winter marks the beginning of the season involving a considerable amount of recreational drinking. Holiday parties, family events and work gatherings often involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Inevitably, increased opportunities for drinking result in an increase in drunk driving. Particularly on major holidays, individuals should maintain extreme caution.

Individuals who plan to attend holiday events where alcohol is served should always have a designated driver, or plan to celebrate soberly. Drunk driving and dangerous road conditions can be a lethal combination, and at the very least could put you and other motorists at risk for serious injury.

Winter is a challenging time of year for driving. If precautions are not taken, the chance of getting into an accident can dramatically increase. If you are injured in a car accident resulting from winter road conditions or drunk driving, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney will guide you through the necessary steps so that you have the highest likelihood of receiving the compensation you are due after sustaining such an injury.

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