7 Tips for Selecting an Assisted Living Community

Experienced elder law attorney Doug Lauenstein discusses considerations when selecting the right assisted living facility for your loved ones.

Selecting an assisted living facility for a family member or loved one is a very important decision.  When assessing the quality of a facility it is important to consider the following factors.

  • Take note of the cleanliness – This means assessing how well the facility is maintained. From furniture to windows and even just the corners of the facility, you want to ensure that housekeeping is provided more frequently than not.  Also, attempt to gain any additional maintenance information that may be relevant to your selection.
  • Get a feel for the staff –When selecting a facility for your loved ones, it is important to observe multiple staff members and their attitudes. Take note of factors like whether or not they listen and make eye contact.  These are indicators of how seriously they embrace their position and how they are willing to care for the residents at the facility.
  • Eat a meal during your visit – Dining experience can be a very important aspect for someone living in an assisted living facility. Make sure your family member or loved one enjoys the meals that are offered and the procedures that go along with dining at the facility.  This is also a good way to discuss what happens if a resident is unable to make it to the dining room for a meal.
  • Address any security concerns – During your visit, it is of utmost importance to discuss any security or safety concerns that you may have with the facility. Ask questions regarding emergency situations such as how to contact staff, who to contact, etc.  Also, ask questions regarding staffing patterns, how they change, and topics related to specific medical needs for your loved one.
  • Ask about degree of personal care – This will obviously be a very important part of the experience for a resident so it is essential that you obtain extensive information about the personal care that is provided. While discussing this, bring up bathing preferences and options, and observe whether other residents are cared for properly.
  • Get feedback from current residents – Be sure to also ask current residents about their experiences within the facilities and with the staff. Find out what kind of things they like and what kind of things they would change if possible.  Either way, get an honest opinion from them about the facility that you are visiting.

  • Trust your instincts – Finally, trust your instincts. Your family member or loved one will be living here and you must be sure that they are comfortable and well cared for.  Always make sure you feel at ease with the facility, staff and procedures so that you can be confident that your loved one is in good hands.

Selecting the proper facility for one of your loved ones is a very important decision that should be analyzed in great detail.  Be sure to consider the aspects listed above and always trust your instincts before your final decision is made. For more information about selecting an assisted living facility, contact experienced elder law attorney, Doug Lauenstein, today.