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The Term “Elder Law” Is A Legal Term Used To Cover An Area Of Legal Practice That Places An Emphasis On Those Issues Affecting The Aging Population.

Conceptual image - support for the elderly in wheelchair.

The three major areas that make up elder law are:

  1. Estate planning (including Wills, deed changes and probate)
  2. Nursing home planning (including Medicare, Medicaid and asset protection)
  3. Disability planning (including Powers of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives and Guardianships).

In my elder law practice, we discuss the client’s concerns, needs and desires as they grow older. Then we make a plan based upon our discussion to implement the client’s needs and desires. I have found that many people have great misconceptions about how their assets will be used to pay for their care as they become older. It is very important that clients receive accurate legal information so they can make an informed decision on their care as they get older.

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